Saturday, July 14, 2007

George Borrow Invited Out

To George Borrow, Esq., Oulton Hall, Lowestoft

Heavitree, Jany, 28, 1846.

Querido Don Jorge,--How are you getting on in health and spirits? and how has this absence of winter suited you? Are you inclined for a run up to town next week? I propose to do so, and Murray, who has got Washington Irving, etc., to dine thought you could be induced to join us. Let me whisper in your ear, yea: it will do you good and give change of air, scene and thought: we will go and beat up the renowned Billy Harper, and see how many more ribs are stove in.

I have been doing a paper for the Q. R. on Spanish Architecture; how gets on the Lavengro? I see the "gypsies" are coming out in the Colonial which will have a vast sale.
John Murray seems to be flourishing in spite of corn and railomania.

Remember me kindly and respectfully to your Ladies, and beg them to tell you what good it will do you to have a frisk up to town, and a little quiet chat with your pal and amigo.
Richard Ford

-from The Life of George Borrow by Clement K. Shorter (London: J. M. Dent & Sons, n. d.(1919)) p. 167.

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