Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Button's Coffee House Gossip

[John Gay to Alexander Pope]

July 8, 1715
. . . . - I have just set down Sir Samuel Garth at the Opera. He bid me tell you, that every body is pleas'd with your translation, but a few at Button's; and that Sir Richard Steele told him, that Mr. Addison said the other translation was the best that ever was in any language. He treated me with extreme civility, and out of kindness gave me a squeeze by the forefinger.--I am informed that at Button's your character is made very free with as to morals, etc., and Mr. Addison says, that your translation and Tickel's are both very well done, but that the latter has more of Homer.
I am etc.,
John Gay

-from The Works of Alexander Pope, Volume VII, pp. 299.

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