Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dunsany's Doings

[Lord Dunsany to Hazel Littefield]

Dunstall Priory
Shoreham, Kent

June 6th., 1957

Dear Hazel,
Thank you for your charming sonnet. I have repaid in wishes and intentions too sincere--I hope--to pave Hell, nineteen-twentieths of your hospitality and perhaps one twentieth in actual fact. I have been doing a bit of writing again. I wrote a tale on June 1, and another on June 2 and 3, and the next day my agent asked me for a preface of 3,000 words for a publisher who was in a hurry; so I wrote it that day, actually 3,050 words, and copied it yesterday and sent if off. People who talk of their work usually haven't been doing much lately; anyway I hadn't.

Still much in your debt
(& more so for the sonnet)

-from Lord Dunsany: King of Dreams, A Personal Portrait by Hazel Littlefield (New York: Exposition Press, 1959) p. 134.

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