Sunday, September 2, 2007

Poe Seeks a Position

Edgar Allan Poe to William Gwynn, [Editor]

May 6, 1831.

Mr. W. Gwynn.

Dear Sir,
I am almost ashamed to ask any favour at your hands after my foolish conduct upon a former occasion -- but I trust to your good nature.

I am very anxious to remain and settle myself in Baltimore as Mr. Allan has married again and I no longer look upon Richmond as my place of residence.

This wish of mine has also met with his approbation.

I write to request your influence in obtaining some situation or employment in this city.
Salary would be a minor consideration, but I do not wish to be idle.

Perhaps (since I understand Neilson* has left you) you might be so kind as to employ me in your office in some capacity.

If so I will use every exertion to deserve your confidence.

Very Respectfully
yr Ob. St
Edgar A. Poe

I would have waited upon you personally but am confined to my room with a severe sprain in my knee.
*Neilson Poe, cousin.
-from Poe's Legendary Years by G. E. Woodberry (Atlantic Monthly-Vol. 54/Issue 326 - Dec. 1884, p. 824-825.

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