Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good Reviews

Evelyn Underhill to her Husband

Hotel de Lille et d'Albion,
223 Rue St. Honore,
Thursday eveing [1911].

To Hubert Stuart Moore.

most mysterious thing happened here. A Dr. Colquhoun of New Zealand, staying in this hotel, sent in his card to me, with my name written on it, saying he would like to see me! I looked out for him but we didn't meet and this morning he left for me a friendly letter, saying he was so sorry not to have caught me, but was leaving to-day, gives me his London address and says he hopes we shall soon meet on my return to England and I haven't the least idea who he is! The Horticultural plants sound quite a decent lot on the whole: I asked for the Prims and Campanulas I knew, and think you were quite right to pot'em up, the weather being so uncertain. It's really quite cool here out of the sun today. It's rather nice that Methuen thinks it worth while to print a 2nd ed. of Mysticism, isn't it? I've written begging him to wait till I get home and send my corrections. Did you read the letter from Edmund* you sent on to me? Very amusing! To-night a review by ------ in The Record has come--most generous in its language, "great book," "classic work," etc.: but with a beautiful characteristic little dab at my mystical saints whose "transcendental eroticism" he finds "nauseating." There's also a long and splendid review signed "C. E. Lawrence" from the Daily Graphic--so I'm purring.

*Edmund Gardner

-from The Letters of Evelyn Underhill edited with an introduction by Charles Williams (London: Longman's Green & Co., 1945) p. 124-25.

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