Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the millions assembled

Queen Victoria to the King of the Belgians.

Buckingham Palace,
2nd July 1838.

My Dearest Uncle,
Many thanks for two kind letters, one which I got last Monday and one this morning. The kind interest you take in me and my country (of which, and of the nation, I'm more proud than I ever was, since I've witnessed their excessive affection and loyalty to me) makes me certain that you will be glad to hear how beautifully everything went off. It was a memorable and glorious day for me. The millions assembled to witness the progress to and from the Abbey was beyond belief, and all in the highest good humour. It is a fine ceremony, and a scene I shall ever remember, and with pleasure. I likewise venture to add that people thought I did my part very well.

The amiable Duc de Nemours dined with me on Friday, comes to my ball to-night, and dines again with me on Wednesday. Pray tell dearest Aunt Louise that I thank her much for her very kind letter, and will avail myself of her kindness and not write to her this mail.

Feodore is writing in my room, well and happy, Uncle Ernest still very lame, and Charles well. There's an account of the family. Ever and ever your most devoted Niece,
Victoria R.

[ music - Handel - Zadok the Priest]

-The Letters of Queen Victoria: a selection from Her Majesty's Correspondence between the years 1837 and 1861 / edited by Arthur Christopher Benson and Viscount Esher (New York: Longman's, Green, and Co., 1907) vol. 1, p. 11o-111.

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