Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crawford's Inscribed Copy

British Embassy
June 21, '84

My dear Miss Crawford:

It is really too good of you to have thought of sending me your book. It has just arrived and I have already read several of the beautiful poems it contains with very great pleasure. You are quite right in supposing that I still take the deepest interest in everything that concerns the welfare of Canada. It is time now that Canada should have a literature of its own, and I am glad to think that you should have so nobly shown the way.
Believe me, my dear Miss Crawford, with received thanks, and with my best wishes for your future fame.
Ever yours sincerely,
(sdg) Dufferin [Lord Dufferin]

-from Isabella Valancy Crawford: We Scarcely Knew Her by Elizabeth McNeill Galvin (Toronto: Natural Heritage/Natural History, 1994) p.68.

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