Wednesday, August 29, 2007

W. H. Hudson's Bicycle

[W. H. Hudson to Morley Roberts]

June 5, 1900

Dear Roberts,

I found your postcard here on my return from the New Forest where I have been staying a few days. I also found the book Nature in Downland, and sent your copy to 54 Stokenchurch St.

Your home for tired authors would have little attraction for me. I hate all 'homes,' being rather of the Gipsy mind who loves the open heath better than the house.
I left my bicycle down in the Forest--it is rather too much to have to pay 3/- each way each time; and I am going down again in a very few days.

By the bye, when I am going a distance on the wheel I sometimes drop into the idea that I am on horseback, and only recover consciousness of the different sort of wild beast I am astride of when it begins to fly down a long slope. Are you ever troubled that way? Poor Miss Kingsley and poor Stephen Crane--both reported dead to-day! It is 10 o'clock now and guns are going off and the population of Westbourne Park is getting drunk all for joy that Pretoria has fallen. Well, I'm about tired of the war, and want to be back among the birds, beetles and snakes of the Forest.

Kind remembrances to Mrs. Roberts. I hope you are both well.

Every yours,
W. H. Hudson

-from Men, Books and Birds by W. H. Hudson with notes, some letters, and an introduction by Morley Roberts. (London: Jonathan Cape, 1928) p. 24-25.

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Eric said...

At last, someone blogging about my favorite writer. I've been toying with the idea of starting a site devoted to him entirely...